Mega Run

Back in 2013 I decided that I wanted to visit my friends down in Cheltenham. There was just one problem… I couldn’t afford the train ticket. So what was the next logical thing to do. Yep, that’s Right, run there.

It was 112 miles from where I was living in Chesterfield to my friends house in Cheltenham, and being someone who had only ever run once before, in the London Marathon earlier that same year, it was obviously a normal progression in distance. I worked out that it would take me roughly six days to run all of the way and have some safety time to walk if i needed to.

The first day consisted mainly of pavements down towards Derby before joining up on day two with some of the beautiful canal pathways which wiggle down through Burton Upon Trent and Litchfield. These pathways were perfect, winding through open fields and small villages before I hit Birmingham at the end of day three.

In the end I spent more on food that the cost of the train journey.

After Birmingham I found that the mental side was much easier as I was into the last half of the challenge. Leaving the city of Birmingham (with a slight hangover), it was back into the beautiful countryside along farm roads through Reddich before heading on down into the Cotswalds.

ll in all it was an incredible journey, one that I never though i’d beat. I never thought that 6 years later I would have covered the same distance but 33 times longer across the United States. As I am writing this page and looking through the photos of that short run, I am tempted to recreate it in the near future and see if I can finish in half the time.

Mega Run Part Two in 2020?