The Proposed Route

I will be setting off from the Canadian border on the east coast of the US and traveling only by foot to the west coast border with Mexico, covering around 4,200 miles in 7 months.

California Finish Maine Start

15 states

4,200 miles

210 days


Why Run Across America?

Because why not? On a personal level, it is something that you hear about people doing, something crazy, yet so amazing you think to yourself “I could never do that!”. I have always had the thought about running across America, but it was always something in the back of my mind, mainly because I kept on telling myself “That’s a stupid idea” and “You would never make it”, which is probably true but you never know unless you try!

I have been fundraising for Spinal Research for the last 3 years and so far raised over £6,000 to help fund research into curing paralysis. The more I have worked with Spinal Research, the more I learn about the research that they are funding and the breakthroughs that they are making. I feel that I want to do as much as I can to raise awareness for a fantastic cause and to really make a difference. This is a charity which I truly believe in, otherwise I wouldn’t be preparing for a 7 month run across a continent!

Spinal Research logo

Play A Part

Obviously taking myself running across a country for 7 months is not going to be easy, and I am on the lookout for as much help as possible, and there are so many ways in which YOU can help me out! I am looking for sponsors for the 7 month run, please check out the sponsor page for the many many things which I can offer to you in return for your sponsorship.

Not every company or person can help to sponsor something for this long, but that’s not a problem, you can still help! Whether it is moral support, a sandwich and water, a few pennies for dinner or even a bed for the night, everything means just as much as the big sponsorship. Please check out the sponsor page to see how you can help out.