Hopefully you will find the answer to your questions on this page. If not send me a message and i’ll answer it on this list!

Why run across America?

I remember seeing this guy on Tv when I was around 13 years old, and he had just finished his run across the States. I always remember thinking to myself that that would be such an amazing adventure and achievement to make, but something so crazy that I never would have actually thought about doing. At the time I don’t think I had ever run further that to the local shop and back! After I did my first Marathon back in 2013, something made me think back to that man I saw on the TV, and that just started the cogs whirring in my head. Ever since then I havn’t been able to get the idea out of my head!.

Are you running for charity or some cause?

As you might have seen on the website, I will be trying to raise awareness and much needed funds for Spinal Research, who I have been fundraising for since 2013. Spinal Research is the UK’s leading charity funding medical research around the world to develop reliable treatments for paralysis caused by a broken back or neck. To find out more about this amzing charity then please check out their website.

Are you taking donations?

I am taking donations. If you would like to donate then please head over to my sponsorship page here. The sponsor site is 100% safe and secure, and is also the only site which I know of that does not charge the charity for its use or a commision on your donation! You donate £20 the charity will get the full £20!

So there are no fees when I donate?

The only fees that you will have to pay when making your donation are those that you would normally get when using you card online and a foreign currency exchange rate fee (If your bank account is not in pounds sterling £). All charges will be you normal banks charges for the transaction. The charity will still receive all of your donated money!

If you are donating to the charity in a currency other than pound sterling then there will be a small fee that is charged by the donation site JustGiving. Unfortunately we cannot get around this one.

Can I donate to help you along on your run?

I would prefer all donations to head straight to the charity as I would like to raise as much as humanly possible for Spinal Research. Although if you would still like to make a donation to help with the trip, I would NEVER say no. You can either donate directly to me via this website, or just send me a message through the contact form if you would like to donate in some other capacity. THANK YOU!

Are you insane?!

I have been called a lot worse!


Eyes getting tired of all the text? Here are some kittens for you!

How many miles you run every day?

During the run, I hope to cover roughly a marathon distance every day. Obviously this will not be exact for every day, it will depend on everything from the weather, terrain and where abouts I will be running, but if I can average this distance then it will allow me to have days off when I need them and also a few days to explore every city that I pass through

How many hours a day do you run?

Again this will depend on weather, terrain and where I am, But ideally I would like to cover that day’s distance in no more than 8 hours.

Will you walk at all?

I will try to run as much as possible although as you may have guessed already I am not the greatest runner in the world. If I need to walk for a few days then I will. For me the most important thing is to finish the crossing by using only my feet and raise as much money and awareness along the way for Spinal Research. If i force myself to run everyday, injure myself in the first month then I will be no use to anyone!

Where do you sleep?

I will be taking camping equipment with me and will camp for the majority of the way. I also have friends along the way who I will be staying with. If you live along the route and would like to offer a garden, floor, sofa or spare bed then you would be an amazing person. I can picture that camping for 7 months will get tiring very quickly!

How do you bring your camping gear?

I will be running with a modified baby’s push chair, this will carry all of my clothes, running equipment, food water and camping gear.

How will you charge your electronics during the run?

I will be equipping my stroller with a solar panel to help keep some external batteries charged. This will hopefully give me enough juice to keep everything I need charged up!

How many shoes will you need for the run?

A currently have 5 pairs of very good shoes (A mix of HOKA ONE ONE’s and ON shoes), I am hoping that these should see me though the whole journey but I don’t envision needing many more pairs.

Can we track you during the run?

I will be using a tracking device throughout my run, this will become available in the days up to the start of my run.

What will you do in case of an emergency?

The tracking device that I will be using has a built in SOS feature. In case of an emergency, all I need to do is press the button and the nearest emergency services will be alerted with my GPS coordinates.

Are you crazy?

Most definitely!

How can we help?

There are so many thing that you can do to help. Some of the simplest ways is by liking and following all of my social media pages and sharing them with all of your friends and family. I want to connect with as many people over the next 2-3 years and tell the story of what I am doing.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CornerToCornerUSA
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cornertocornerrun/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/America_C2C


You can also donate towards Spinal Research on my donations page. As I said before, there are no fees for donating (Outside of your normal bank fees), so the charity will receive 100% of your donation!

Donations Here

If you live along the route or have any family or friends who do, the please let the know I will be passing through. If you or they can offer any support, whether it would be some food and water along the route, somewhere warm to recover or sleep, or even if they you would like to come and run with me for a day. Everything no matter how small will help me out over the 7 month mission.

How can you have time for that? Don’t you have a job?

Fortunately I do not have a very important job. As I work in a mountain resort my contracts are seasonal, this means that If I want to take a season free then it is possible to do so. On the downside it does mean it is taking me a long time to save for this adventure!