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Where to find my crossers fix in 2019

By on February 4th, 2019

Even though it has only been two months since I ran onto the beach in San Diego, this year's group of crossers have already begun their own journeys. This year there seem to be plenty of walkers, a few runners, and cyclists and I also heard a rumor of someone skateboarding across America.

So, instead of being asked all the time "Who's journey can I follow next?", here are a few who I think may peak your interests in 2019.

Thomas Curran

W: www.movingonwest.com - FB: Moving On West - I. movingonwest

Some of you might remember when I met Thomas just south of LA. I stayed with him for a few nights and answered as many questions I could about my run until that point! Thomas was due to start his walk across America, alongside his trusty companion, Wink, just two months down the road. Well, last Saturday was that day and Thomas took his first steps off the beach in North Carolina as he heads back home on his 9-month walk to California.

The weather is currently not the best so please go and show him some support to help keep his brain warm in the cold weather.

Doug Masiuk

W: www.outrundiabetes.org - FB: Outrundiabetes . - I. outrundiabetes

Doug is a bit of a nutter... but in a good way. He ran across America a few years back to find an end for diabetes, but apparently that was not enough for him as he is now running across Australia. From what I know there is only one other person to complete this journey, for sure it can't be many more.

He is currently coming up to two weeks on the road heading from Perth towards the finishing point in Sydney later in the Year.

Lloyd Collier and Louis Snellgrove 

W: www.worldtandem.com . - FB: worldtandem - I. worldtandem

Something a little different from from crossing by foot, or to be fair even different from crossing by bike. Lloyd and Louis are over halfway through their TANDEM cycle around the world. They are trying to cover 18,000 miles whilst passing through 16 countries t set a new world record for the fastest tandem cycle around the world. They are two great guys who are taking on some amazing distances each day so make sure that you stick around for the last half of their journey.

Terrie Wurzbacher

FB. Honoring Veterans Across America

Terrie has been wanting to cross America by foot for the last 28 years and now finally feels like she is ready for it long with her trust cart named Chuck. Her journey starts on the 2nd March and she will be heading from California to Florida to honour veterans across America.

If you know of anybody who is crossing a country who I can add to this list then let me know in the comments. It doesn't have to even be a crossing. f its someone doing something inspiring and challenging then I'd love to hear about them!

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