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New York Pt.1 – The Best Chicken Wings In America

By on November 1st, 2018

After the exhausting journey over the mountains of Vermont I was very excited to enter my 4th state of New York. The mountains were over and I had only another 100 miles until I joined up with the Erie Canal. Something that I knew would be flat all the way to to Buffalo! The weather weather couldn't have been more perfect. Still not a single day of rain despite being on the road for almost a month. The sun shone for the whole of my time in New York state. NY was really my first proper BIG state after some relatively smaller jaunts through the previous three.

Local Hospitality

On my first day in the state as I was looking for a spot to make camp for the night I was stopped by a local photographer. He offered me a place to stay for the evening and they both took me out for pizza that night as a congratulations treat for making it to New York. The best feeling to have after a big meal and a warm bed at the start of another leg. [gallery ids="1400,1388"] My first day off ended up being in Saratoga springs. The owner of a local record shop back in the UK put me in contact with a friend who lived there. My original intentions were to just lay my head overnight, but that changed as soon as we visited the local Mexican restaurant. Saritoga has got to be one of my favorite places on the journey (Not just up to that point but even as I write this in Arizona!). The town way beautiful and green, had a very young crowd and huge parks to hang out in. Also not forgetting the title to the blog "The best wings in America!" I would never have expected a Mexican restaurant to create a wing that has not been beaten across the rest of my journey. If you even pass through the area then visit Cantina to try their tequila pomegranate wings!

Enough about food!

After staying in the springs for an extra day off I began the two day run towards the Erie canal. After a month on the road my body was defiantly a lot more accustomed to the daily grind. My mileage was increasing slightly week on week. When I first started, the thought of doing a 20+ mile day was exhausting, but now it was almost a daily occurrence. All of the little niggles were starting to work their way out as well. [gallery ids="1354,1356,1369,1385"] My first day on the canal I was joined by a local runner, Jason, for the first 10 miles of the day. It was great to actually spend the day talking with someone as opposed to being alone in my own head for the endless miles. Thankfully he also organised me a place to camp up for the night, the beautiful Maybe Farm.

The kindness of strangers

One thing that has been abundant since I got to America is the amount of strangers who will stop, chat and help you out. I met Mike whilst out on the a trail a little way off from the canal. He was recovering from a bad knee with a gentle stroll in the opposite direction from where I started the day. We had a chat for 15 minutes about the area and the run before parting ways and not expecting to see him again. To my surprise, 7 miles later he was waiting for me at the exit to the trail. He had been waiting hoping to see me again and offered me a bed for the night along with an invitation to join the family for their weekly lasagna meal.
As it involved food I couldn't turn the offer down!
It was one thing I didn't realize I had missed was the ability to sit down and have a family meal (even though it wasn't my family!) All these little interactions and offers of food and a bed really help with keeping my spirits up and always keeps me in an amazing mood for the following days! [gallery ids="1387,1365"] My New York journey was going to continue along the Erie Canal pathway for almost two weeks until its end point just North of Buffalo. There will be another three parts to this state as I met so many amazing people and saw so many amazing places. The next installment will be up in a few days.

Running Awards

If you enjoyed this post then please could you spare a minute! Most of you know I have been nominated again at the running awards in the Blogs category for next year. I would love it if you could click on the image below and go to vote for this blog, "Corner To Corner USA". The voting for this round closes in mid January, so there is still time for you to help me get shortlisted :)