It’s Next Year!

By on January 15th, 2017

So I can now say that i'm running across America next year! That's actually really soon, maybe I should go for a run... Well, technically it's still 15 months away till I actually begin but just thinking about the fact that I start next year is enough to give me the heeby-jeebys! The last month here is the Austrian mountains it has been snowing almost constantly, I has gotten to the point where I just expect another foot of snow when i open the door in the morning. This is making getting out for a run pretty difficult as I have to almost swim through the snow to get to the street! Thankfully my work as a small gym, so once the Winter rush is over in a few weeks I can jump on the treadmill nice and warm and look out into the snowy garden and pretend im running outside. My hopes are that I can shed all of this "Christmas weight" before the winter is over, so that when the spring arrives i can hit the ground running (no pun intended) and get straight into my distance training. I have to get used to running long distances on multiple days so that my joints and muscles are prepared for the many days of running that will be coming up. So what else has been going on since the last update? Well seeing as most companies have been on a holiday break, sponsorship emails have been sitting in inboxes around the world waiting to be found again. I am hoping to get some replies back soon as I have been working on 2 big sponsors for both my running shoes and my flights. If I can gain sponsorship for just these 2 items then I would be over the moon. I have also been looking at changing the route slightly to give me a few more days spare if needed along with trying to find a way around the deserts of Nevada in the summer months! There have been big growth in the number of people I have been reaching with Facebook and Instagram with one instagram follower offering to become a sponsor which s amazing news. If you haven't already then go over and check out the official instagram page here! It's full of training photos and lots of practice photography of where I live to help practice for the 8 months away. Unfortunately being back at work has given me very little to update you on. For smaller updates you can check out the facebook page and almost everyday I am posting a picture over on Instagram, so please check out those for the smaller updates. After the Hahnenkamm race next weekend I will be doing a review of the 2 watches which Fitbit have sent me, so that will be something new for all of you. Until then enjoy your winter and hopefully you don't have to much of the January blues!