Inspiration from my journey

By on February 11th, 2019

Welcome back. I'm so excited now that the website has a purpose again. It seemed like such a waste to let it die away once the run across America was over.

There have been many additions and changes made, the most obvious of which is the addition of some recipe pages. I have decided to put my sixteen years of kitchen experience to good use and create some tasty recipes for everyone to try. There will be a wide mix here from meals to eat before a race, homemade snacks to keep you going during and nice unhealthy food which you crave when the race is over!

Right now there are not many recipes live. I have decided to release one every day for the next 10 days, most of which will be added to the essential recipe list, and afterward they will resume to once a week.

For those of you who enjoyed the running based blogs, don't worry, they will still be here every Monday morning. I am very excited to share with you some of the interviews I have done with some inspirational people all over the world. Along with them, there are some crazy runners who will be taking over the blog once a month to tell you their running stories and what keeps them motivated to keep running.

I have also decided to have a page to document all of my challenges and fundraising from the last six years. You can look back at races and cross country runs with, what I'm hoping, more to be added in the coming future.

Inspiration from my journey.

It's not just about my run across America, it's about what has shaped my life and brought me to the point I'm at now. It will be stories of people who inspire me alongside interviews with some amazing people who are on their own incredible journeys, who inspire them and what we can all do to help people in our day to day life.

I'm so excited for what is coming this year, so many plans and so little time! Please make sure that you are signed up to the mailing list in the bar below so that you don't miss out on any of the posts, recipes or challenges.