Guest Blogger: Robin Plowman, Family Man

By on December 25th, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! By now most of you will have woken up and rummaged through your stockings to find out what Santa left for you, and I expect those of you with young children will have been up well before any reasonable time. This week is the blog takeover again as you all enjoyed last months musings by Hannah, so this week I have the pleasure of handing over to charity and family man, Robin Plowman!

IT’S CHRISSSSSSMASSSSSS! (not wanting to sound too much like Slade) I’m honoured that Eric asked me to do a blog take over, and not only have I been an amateur runner since high school (that’s nearly 20 years now!!), I also work on the running events as a fundraiser at his chosen charity for his Corner to Corner run, Spinal Research. If you’re reading this weeks blog on the day it's published (yes that’s right, Christmas day) then you’ve managed to find time away from the family and general hustle and bustle of the most anticipated day of the year…….. just about beating London Marathon race day into second! I thought I’d use my blog take over to talk about finding time to fit it training around a busy lifestyle. We’ve all got reasons for a busy lifestyle, whether it be work, socialising, or in my case having a young family. Whatever it is and no matter how busy you are there is usually time, somewhere, to fit in some training runs to get fit or train for an event or race. [gallery ids="941,946,939"] For myself the only real time I have is on a lunch break as I save evening and weekend for family time and chores (which is usually tidying up when you have two boys). Since having our first child in 2013 my running took a back seat and that was even more the case when number two arrived in 2015. However by 2016 I knew I needed to get back to running to get fit again, but also I had the itch to get more races under my belt. I’m now back up to half marathons and can get a 20km run fitted into a double lunch break, my work is quite flexible like that. But I now have an eye on returning to marathon distances in 2019, which will prove the next challenge in fitting in the training as a long run just won’t work on a lunch break. I’ll just have to squeeze it into a weekend and/or make compromises elsewhere to make sure I’m ready. We can all find time to run, its just how motivated you are and willing to compromise while you have an eye on the long term goal, be it getting back to fitness, weight loss or an event. So let's get out there and run wherever and whenever we can. It's just about getting involved. And make sure you get others involved as you can get great support from the running community. I recently joined the Run, Heifer, Run! Group and love it. I myself have introduced my kids to running and I hope that it's something we’ll share together for many years to come. If you’re like me you may try to get out for a cheeky run today……if possible….but to make it something that doesn’t burden the family I’ll compromise and take one of the boys with me and do a buggy run!

Merry Christmas everyone!

P.s. I wouldn’t be a fundraiser if I didn’t take this opportunity to ask you to kindly donate to Eric’s challenge. He’s completely self funding the trip with his aim to raise £50,000 and with your help he can certainly do that. If you cannot spare cash at the moment (it is that time of the year when we’re all a little short) then how about showing your support and getting involved in Eric’s January #StepUp step challenge. [gallery ids="944,937,945"]
If you missed out on last weeks blog then you will have not seen that the new round of the #StepUp challenge will be starting on the 1st of January, just in time for all of those new year's resolutions to kick in. I would love it if you could come over and join us all for a friendly competition and support as we all try and keep ourselves moving into the new year and reach our step goals each day! I listened to all of your feedback from the last round and now we have a shiny new sited jam packed full of new features, badges and trophies to earn. Head over to the site to register now and i'll drop you a reminder just before New Year so you don't forget to keep a track of your steps :) MORE GOOD NEWS! The next round of voting has begun for the Running Awards, and once again I will need your vote even if you have already voted! I have up to the 20th January to build the support as much as possible to hopefully see my name up on that screen on awards night :D If you can spare a minute once again to drop a vote then please click on the picture below.

See you all in the New Year!

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