Are you drinking enough water?

By on July 3rd, 2017

How much water do you drink each day? Chances are you don't drink enough. If you do an internet search asking how much water you should drink every day, you will get a wide rage of answers. According to the NHS you should drink 1.2 litres, Medical sites in the US would recommend 1.9 letres, along with other sites telling you to drink 6! Now I would be inclined to go with the NHS recommendation of 1.2L because I know they are a reputable source, but it just does not seem like enough. Bearing in mind that I usually drink 1.5L before midday when i'm at work. After a little more researching I found a site that recommends between 30 ml to 45ml for every kilo that you weigh. For me this would mean 2.5L and 3.5L a day, which might seem a lot but when you have a workout or a run in the day along with working in a hot kitchen, you will be loosing a lot of your bodies water through sweat. One of the things which I learnt during by scour of the internet today is that when you get the dry feeling in your throat and start to feel thirsty, it is already too late, your body will tell you it needs hydrating long after it needs it. So if you are off on a long run or hard workout then it is always best to hydrate in the hour leading up to your start. One thing that you should also note, is that downing a pint of water when you are thirsty will not rehydrate your body any quicker. Many medical journals say that your intestines cannot process more than 200ml of water in 15 minutes, so this is a very good reason to stay hydrated throughout the day rather than guzzling large quantities every few hours. Two of the effects of not drinking enough water is headaches and fatigue, things which I suffer from quite a lot during the working seasons. So my challenge for this month is to make sure that I am drinking 3.5L of water every day, and on workout days an extra half a litre. I want to see if my low water intake is the cause of the headaches and tiredness or even improve my health in other ways. Ill get to keep track of my Fitbit app and will be posting the daily total on the Instagram story each evening. If you want to join me in the challenge then let me know. Would be good to get a group of encouragement for everyone to make sure that we are all staying hydrated! If you want to join me then use the formula below to find out how much you should be drinking and don't forget to add on a little extra for the workout days! 30ml x kg body weight = ml per day   *Photo credit: Vanessa Greaves